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Handling Live Loads Forklift training

4 causes of forklift tip-overs & how to massively reduce the risk

A forklift tip-over can have terrible consequences. Vehicle and stock damage are almost guaranteed, but in worst case scenarios accidents of this kind can result in serious or even fatal injuries. But, if you and your operators understand the causes and how to avoid them, you can dramatically reduce the risk of this happening on your site. To help, we’ve highlighted four common causes, as well as some top tips that can be easily applied to reduce risk in each case.

  1. Handling of suspended or live loads
  2. Turning with an elevated load
  3. Traversing a slope or uneven ground
  4. Insecure loads or overloading
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2 most overlooked elements of forklift training

Most companies accept the need for basic forklift operator training, but a recent survey has revealed that almost one third of respondents failed to deliver the two key follow-up stages: specific job training and familiarisation training.

All three stages are vital, but the latter are often overlooked, even though without them, operators may not be safe to work on your site and should not be given authorisation to do so.

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Forklift training Covid update


Lift trucks present significant workplace risk and can only be operated by people who have had appropriate training. As the transport and logistics industry enters peak season, during a time with more online demand expected than ever before, it is essential that COVID-secure lift truck training continues.

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New Flexi Lift Truck Arrived at 4KS Forklift Training Centre

We have recently acquired a new Flexy lift truck, as recently we have seen a massive increase in the demand for flexy lift truck/Pivot Steer license. Due to that we have invested in a new flexy lift truck so we could start running flexi lift truck course in our fully RTITB accredited training centre.

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New Forklift Training Centre Near You!

Fulfilling our customers’ needs to get a forklift certification every day. Due to the high increase in demand for forklift truck training we are now running our shifts 7 days a week with an option to do a morning shift as well as an evening shift. We are trying to accommodate people according to their timings which will suit them best.

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Rapid rise in demand for forklift operators

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Due to rapid growth in demand for forklift operators we as a business at 4KS Forklift Training have an exciting news for our existing and new customers in the next couple of days. 4KS Forklift training is a leading forklift training provider in the West Midlands.

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Forklift Training in West Midlands

If you are looking for a quality forklift training course. 4KS Forklift Training is the way forward. We pride ourselves with the high level of training services we provided ensuring we comply with all relevant latest health and safety legislation’s. We also ensure our standards are always up to date in line with our training award body RTITB which is the leading training award body in the UK.

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Leading specialist forklift training providers in west midlands

4KS Forklift training centre are a specialist forklift training provider. We provide quality training to our customers. We have various trucks available for people to train on and obtain their certification which is RTITB recognized. For customers who are looking to train and get their forklift training in Birmingham we are one of the leading specialist providers in the west midlands and have been delivering training for 15 years.

Our instructors are fully qualified with RTITB qualification. We also offer customers with the chance of being an instructor by doing the forklift instructor course.

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Demand for forklift operators

During these unprecedented times there are a lot of people who have been made redundant or out of work. However, during these hard times, the demand for forklift operator has been extremely high and we have had a lot of people come in to get their forklift certification or to renew their existing license.

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Special offer available for taxi drivers in this unprecedented time

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At 4KS Forklift training centre we understand that the times are very tough for every individual out there. We have experienced an issue lately with a lot of taxi drivers struggling to keep their jobs going due to these unprecedented times, so therefore at 4KS we have decided we want to help taxi drivers out there with helping them get a forklift license at a discounted price so that they can receive their certification and work as a forklift operator to earn money.

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