Train now Pay Later

Train now, Pay Later

Wanting a new career as a Fork Lift Truck Operator but cannot afford the initial payment for the training course to achieve the various licence or licences that you need? LOOK NO FURTHER as you have come to the right place

Rraining centre course layout

How To Choose Forklift Training Centres in UK

You will find a lot of Forklift Training Centres around the UK that give training for all skill levels from absolute beginner to experienced veteran. But not all training centres are the same.
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Why Your Employees Need Training

In today’s brief blog, we discuss why companies need to ensure their forklift operators need to undergo a full forklift training course and get fully licensed to operate the trucks for their day to day job.
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How to Video: Trainee demonstrates the Reach Truck Stacking Sequence

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Forklift Training Video – How to Stack and De-Stack Using a Forklift