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Forklift Training Questions, Comprehensive Answers

Here are some of the frequently asked forklift training questions we get asked from our prospective customers around forklift training.

  • How long will my Forklift Training course last?

    If you are an experienced forklift driver but without any official training or certification, the course can take up to 2 or 3 days to complete however this depends on the amount of people doing the course. If you have no experience then the forklift training course can take up to 2-3 days for an individual, it can take up to 4 days for 2 persons, and 5 days for 3 persons.

  • Do part-time operators require the same training as full-time operators?

    It is a legal requirement that all operators require the same amount of training. It is imperative that part-time operators are fully trained in the operation of any type of lift truck.

  • How often should you undergo forklift refresher training?

    The Health & Safety Executive recommends that all operators of forklift trucks should have periodic refresher training every 3 – 5 years.

  • Can forklift training be completed at our company premises?

    Yes, we believe that the working environment is the best place for your operators to have their forklift training. As they can have job specific training which would be beneficial for any organisation as the operators will already have insight of what would be expected of them in their job roles.

  • How often should operators inspect their forklift?

    Operators should inspect their forklift before operating the truck every day before they start their shifts.

  • Does Jobcentre pay for forklift Licence?

    There are certain criteria to be met before the job centre can accept your training request. If you have been out of work for more than six consecutive months, the job centre could allocate the training course for individual and often these courses are funded by the Jobcentres.

  • How much is forklift training in the UK?

    At 4KS Forklift Training Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering highly competitive prices for all our forklift training courses in Birmingham. It will cost you between £100 – £300. The course duration could be 3-5 days. Novice, Conversion, Refresher Course – wanting to expand your ability driving other kinds of trucks you are not familiar with? then, conversion course is the one you require. We can guarantee affordable and accessible courses for all. Get in touch for your free quote today!

  • Is there a minimum age to drive a forklift?

    Yes. According to HSE you will not be able to be trained as a forklift driver unless you are over the minimum school leaving age. It does say though you can be 18 years old and operate if working in ports.

  • Medical standards to operate a forklift truck

    Because of the fact that you can be moving heavy materials around when you are operating a forklift and it can be dangerous if you are not able to get in and out of a forklift easily, it is recommended that all forklift truck operators have an appropriate level of medical fitness.

  • I have a forklift licence from another country

    Some countries do have forklift licences. If this is the case for you, it is still recommended that you do your training as some employers will not accept your licence. Also because some countries have different forklift working environments, you need to be confident when behind the wheel.

  • Is there a legal requirement to do forklift refresher courses?

    There is nothing laid down in law about this but the Approved Code of Practice states that “refresher training should be given”. This is further reinforced in the Workplace Transport Regulations (2005). For this reason, many employers arrange for refresher training and re-testing at somewhere between 3 and 5 year intervals. In the event of an accident the authorities would want to know when the operators involved were last trained and if that was a very long time ago, a court may deem that it has been too long and that refresher training should have been given.

    Note that if you are on the NORS register you will be expected to attend a refresher course every three years.

  • Is there any forklift truck training recognised accrediting bodies?

    Yes. It is VITAL that the company you do your training with is a recognised training organisation. All our trainers are fully accredited and qualified.

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    Forklift Training Questions, Comprehensive Answers | 4KS Forklift Training

    Here are some of the forklift training questions we’ve been asked and hopefully these will help you decide the best forklift training course for you.

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