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Why Your Employees Need Training

In today’s brief blog, we discuss why companies need to ensure their forklift operators need to undergo a full forklift training course and get fully licensed to operate the trucks for their day to day job.
Some of the reasons why your employees need forklift training are:

  • To ensure compliance with regulations relating to the driving of lift trucks and related equipment employers must ensure that all operators they employ both new and existing are adequately trained and when necessary provide for their additional or refresher training.
  • To avoid accidents and incidents – which can result in personal injury, downtime, damage to buildings, plant and equipment, detailed investigation by HSE and even prosecution.
  • To improve staff confidence and morale – quality, job related training with the emphasis on safe and efficient working practices develops operator confidence and encourages them to become productive and efficient members of the team.
  • To improve productivity AND GAIN THE COMPETITIVE EDGE

With the above in mind and as a stakeholder at your company, ask yourself:

  • Is your staff training up to date?
  • Are your records properly maintained?
  • Do you need to update skills for new or existing equipment?
  • Are your Managers and Supervisors aware of their responsibilities?

If the answer to any of these is NO, or you are unsure, then give us a call or drop us an email to fix the problem.

4KS Forklift Training Ltd provide training at our Training centre in Birmingham as well as On-site training at company premises. Please visit our company bookings page for more information on getting your team up to date with their forklift license.

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