Pre-use checks lessons at 4KS Forklift Training

Pre-use checks

Pre use inspections of a truck is a very crucial part of most companies’ Safe Systems of Work.

Pre-use checks are vital to ensuring your trucks are in safe working order. It is important that these are carried out prior to use daily as they can identify issues with the truck and so that we can identify and rectify the issues before any of these issues could lead to serious or costly problems and sometimes fatality.

It is the responsibility of every operator to ensure that pre use inspections are being carried out prior to use of any MHE equipment’s. These checks should be carried out on a regular basis and correctly. Also, it is employers’ responsibilities that these checks are being carried out properly and regular basis and the pre use inspections logs are being kept maintained.

At 4KS Forklift Training we carry out a pre use inspection lesson as part of our basic training. Every individual is trained by our qualified RTITB instructors on how to carry out a pre use inspection correctly and thoroughly.

Why is it important for companies and operators to carry out pre use inspections?

Mainly because of safety and not forgetting the word compliance and we could also add cost. Most importantly for operators if they can detect a fault early, they could potentially avoid an accident which would cause injuries to them or people that could be around them.

For employers it is very important that they make sure the checks are being carried out to ensure no one gets hurt and the damages to the trucks decrease. Regular pre use inspections could also help companies cut down cost on repairs as the repairs could be very costly sometimes for employers. The hydraulics is one of the checks where there are most common faults and which results in to massive clean up operation for business as a potential burst in hydraulic pipes could cause in severe oil leak and make a lot of work for employers to carry out a mass clean up operation. Each fail of operation could potentially cause employers as much as a four-figure sum.

From an employer’s perspective it is employer’s responsibility that these checks are being carried out and on a regular basis as this is very vital. Forklift trucks must be properly maintained and inspected at suitable intervals suggested by the law.

How do you carry out and record them?

It is a recommendation that pre use inspections should be carried out by operators prior to taking control of a forklift truck. Encouraging operators to carry out pre use inspections will not only benefit them it would benefit the employers to as this will allow them to ensure that the truck can do the task they expect. Also, it would encourage operators to take responsibility for their own health and safety and people that around them.

Some of the forklift pre use inspections could include the following:

• Tyres and wheels
• Brakes and steering
• Fluid levels
• Battery and charger
• Hydraulics
• Seat/Seat mechanism
• Forks
• Load chains

A good pre use inspection log will allow operators to record their findings during a pre shift check which will then also display to other users to whether the truck is safe to operate or if it is out of use.

Employers need to ensure that once pre shift checks have been completed the logs are securely stored as this may be required in the event of truck failure or safety audits.

What should you do if you identify a defect?

If an operator detects any fault during pre-use inspection they should inform to their supervisor or line manager immediately and put the truck out of use so no other people can operate it till it gets fixed.

At 4KS Forklift Training

We ensure all operators are adequately trained on how to carry out a pre use inspection thoroughly and in details. We ensure that our candidates completely understand the importance of pre use inspection.

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