How To Choose Forklift Training Centres in UK

You will find a lot of Forklift Training Centres around the UK that give training for all skill levels from absolute beginner to experienced veteran. But not all training centres are the same.

Here are things what you need to look for when enrolling a course at the forklift training centre:

  • When choosing a Training Centre, simply ensure that their programs are in line with the standard of these accrediting bodies: RTITB, ITSSAR, CITB, AITT, Lantra, NPORS.
  • Enquire how many trainees they accommodate in a class, obviously, the fewer number the better so that you can receive the best attention you deserve.
  • Choose the Training Centre that provides a lengthy yet comprehensive curriculum, don’t fall to their promises that you can complete the training in a much shorter time. Novice counterbalance or beginner forklift training takes about 3-5 days to finish.
  • Find a Training Centre that can place you for the job after the training. Job placement assistance is one of the services the Centre can provide.
  • Do not make a quick decision, go and get out there, survey other Training Centres in your area and find what’s best that suits your requirement.
  • Cheaper is not better.  
  • Find the Centre with modern types of equipment and training facility.
  • Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember these points when choosing a Training Centre as many beginners will make mistakes. We at 4KS would not want you to commit the same mistakes many do. Nevertheless, we wish you good luck.


It is always an advantage to have the right knowledge when operating the forklift. This machine looks simple to operate but make no mistake, it could cause a serious accident and even death. This is why taking the forklift training and getting certified is always an utmost concern. Take some time and spend a little investment to complete the beginner – novice counterbalance forklift training course.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality service that is adapted to individual’s needs and delivered by our dedicated instructors that exceed industry standards. We are committed to making a positive difference that will be rewarding and meets our customer’s needs at competitive prices.

We wish you good luck!

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